Saumon Gravlax


The receipt is very simple, the whole is well to proportion spices. Consequently, how to explain this taste if melting? Here secrecies of this traditional preparation: Take two beautiful salmon fillets fresh, remove the edges, but leave the skin. Mix 50 G of deicing salt, 50 G of sugar and 15 peppercorns white, and coat the nets on the two sides. Cut dill coarsely and divide into 3. Powder a third at the bottom with a dish, cover with a salmon fillet, the skin below. Add the second third of dill and place the second net, the skin above. Small subtlety: take care well that the two nets are placed "head digs", the finest end of the one marrying the thick part of the other, and reciprocally. Cover cellophane, and pose above a board to be cut out or a dish which can support a rather heavy weight (Swedish traditionally used cans or beer quills). Thus quite hermetic, you can put the dish at the refrigerator and let marinate 36 to 48 hours, while turning over the nets at least twice. You will benefit from it to eliminate pickles it - if not, the fish is likely to be salted too much. Withdraw spices and dill, and cut fine sections in the direction length. Your gravlax is ready! Votre gravlax est prêt !



It is tasted with simple toasts or potatoes to water. You can accompany it by a lemon section or a soft mustard sauce (6 cuillérées with soup of soft mustard, 4 cuillérées with vinegar soup and chopped dill). When one eliminated well pickles it, the gravlax is kept with the expenses during one week.

Subtle mixes sweeten-salted to smoke salmon, such is the base of the receipt of the gravlax. Then, free with you to vary the pleasures. Essence, it is not to haggle over the salt, which plays a paramount part in the conservation of fish.

Thus, the Swedes add sometimes gin or cognac in the marinade. With table, one can also accompany it by a traditional seasoning: mustard, sugar, salt, pepper, vinegar and olive oil. As for the thicker sections, you can also make them roast. Lastly, after having tasted salmon, do not hesitate to cut out the skin in fine thin straps, which you will slightly seize on the side of the skin: Swedish serves them out of trimming!







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