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The purpose of our association is

Animation by the culture, the leisures, standard sport the �discovered� and the voyages.

We endeavour to develop another way of approaching certain topics: to build privileged routes, personalized, between friends.

Fun side�

The Jump out of Tandem, the jump in duet, called tandem, is the easiest way to taste with the free fall. A short formation is enough to be ready to jump. This two-seater parachute, developped at the point at the beginning of the Eighties, will enable you to benefit fully from your jump, while letting to you carry and guide by a professional of the free fall especially qualified for this exercise.


Our first jump: As of the exit of the plane, to 4200 m, you the spectacle. One minute of free fall which will remain marked in your memories. Then, around 1500 m, your monitor will open the parachute for a soft descent towards the ground. The passenger does not have whereas to benefit fully from the single feelings of the fall and to appreciate the point of view which then the evolution under veil offers to him. On arrival, a diploma attesting your jump will be given to you.

�For better answering waitings of our members, we have for each one of our preferred activities a particular leader who will inform you for all the steps near the clubs. Thus, 6 people are at your disposal to be useful to you and be made discover the places more �Fun� .s�

The good plans and the small ones do not merge and that directly facilitates the orientation of the members towards the good place.


At the time of a tandem, all the phases of the jump are dealt with by the monitor:

- The equipment
- The plane and the exit
- The free fall and the opening
- Evolution under veil and the landing
- Folding

Count approximately 30mn preparation on the ground before your jump. To envisage a sports gear and a medical examination of not-against-indication to the practice of a jump out of tandem with monitor (in your attending practitionar).


Side Sea

Organized activities: Our weekend semi-are organized according to the desires of each one. You summers not obliged to follow the movement. We propose several interesting activities to you in order to divert you without wasting time. We indicate the points of meeting to return to join us after your personal escapades. During the weekend of spring we envisage exits at sea followed by beach-party, exits plunged underwater (according to your levels) and apnea on not very deep reefs and proposals of gourmet restaurants and a terrestrial excursion. The points of fuelling as well as the centers of interests will be communicated to you. In fact we will implement all to allow you to maximize the time of your weekend by minimizing the logistics and the waste of time associated with discovered new water levels or sites to be explored.��


Councils: If you have such technical questions is they, do not hesitate to telephone or better still to us to meet us. We from day to day follow the developments in the new technologies in the great medium of the discovery. We organize for us and our members of the technical days in the field of the diving, the U.L.M, the parachute of the jump to the rubber band and well of other still through clubs specialized in France and even abroad if it is necessary. Our regular formations near the clubs and our proximity near the members brings an incomparable experiment to us. Indeed, thanks to you, we look further into each day our knowledge and each one brings its experiment. If you still doubt, come to discover with us the DROP ZONE, or to test the funds submarine and, to question our members and organizers which will be able to speak in addition in various debates in particular on Treks, new types of leisures, entertaining activities and for the voyages, sectors to be privileged for your next holidays.


Scarcity: Each moment must be rare. The hotels, the splits, the reserves, the deserts, the islands, the water levels, but also the routes which we chose are not never common to answer the great diversity of the members like to all your requests. Thus, a close cooperation and user-friendliness with our members enable us to carry out what we would perhaps not have dared to only try.

�It is not because the things are difficult that we do not dare.

it is because we do not dare that the things are difficult. �





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