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The jump out of Tandem

To begin 15 mn of briefing (information and security instructions) you
know all. To 4200, after 20 mn of flight, the door opens… us
here is party for a great dive in free fall tandem to 200 km/h!!!

To 1500 m, the parachute opens. It is the hour of strolls,
you slowly discover the sky in the silence of the airs… a sight
superb on the sea, the islands, the Mount St Michel Then, it is
the landing all carefully, with only one desire: to start again!

There are two good reasons to prefer the jump out of tandem:
feeling of the free fall and L accompaniment by one
professional. the qualification, its engagement and its experiment,
its ideas, contributes to make so that the great dive is really an exceptional moment - 

A solution combining precision and experiment to answer your waitings more exigentes.

With your marks: loans!!!!!   jump .....



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