Planet Ouest Evasion

The rock, visit of Monaco, the palace and the old car collection of S.A.S ...

Altitude 0m. - 38 499 inhabitants - Distance Nice Monaco 20.7 km via A8 (about 36 min). By bus 100 33 min.

the ideal is to take the car by the cote de nice in Villefranche sur mer: park on the left before the entry of villefrance at the restaurant versailles and take the bus 100 which will stop just before the climb to the Palace

You can also take the train from Nice to Monaco via Villefranche sur mer and EZE.

Le Rocher Releve
la mer
Le Port Le Port de monaco
Sport - Découverte

   Voiture Ancienne   Voiture Ancienne   Bugatti   Bugatti   Lincoln   Delahaye